80 days until the election . . . let’s learn from our children!

As a first time New Mexico State Senate District 23 candidate (Northwest Albuquerque), I am totally inspired to meet the thousands of voters in my district as I go door to door. This is grassroots democracy at its finest. Not only that, the basic human kindness and warmth embodied by the diverse residents I meet gives me tremendous hope for both the future of this state and the future of our country.

Several days a week I do lunch recess duty at my elementary school Today the second grade students I watch truly demonstrated hope for the future. African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Vietnamese and white, seven boys and girls played tag around one of our slides. Hilariously laughing together, cooperating as they worked out the rules for the day, these seven year olds modeled what we want our country to be, a place where equality, respect, appreciation, and joy underlie our daily work. The work of children is both school and play. Let us adults learn from our precious future leaders.

Put Joy in the Senate . . . New Mexico State Senate Distrcit 23!

I am running for New Mexico State Senate District 23 on the West Side of Albuquerque. Knocking on doors everyday, filling out dozens of questionnaires, recruiting volunteers, raising money–all because grassroots democracy rocks, and I believe I can make a positive difference in Albuquerque, in my community and in the state of New Mexico. Vamanos! Kapshida! Let’s go!

NM PED secretary Hanna Skandera continues effort to destroy teachers’ unions

I wrote the following letter to the ABQ Journal today:  NM PED Secretary of Education Hanna Skandera has joined three former and one current appointed state education heads in filing an Amicus brief to support the case of the Vergara v. California lawsuit.
Here is background: http://laschoolreport.com/supporters-of-vergara-lawsuit… .
Hanna Skandera has joined this lawsuit in her official capacity as secretary of education.
Who paid for the lawyers that prepared and filed this brief? What interests do they represent not only in California but in other states as well? At a time when there is a teacher shortage in many New Mexico districts and educators throughout New Mexico are struggling to meet mandates put in by rule and not by the State Legislature, how can such involvement be justified by the Governor? Ms. Skandera needs to listen to teachers in New Mexico instead of going back to California to join a lawsuit that seeks to destroy the professional unions that advocate for educators and the students and families they serve. This lawsuit and the involvement of Ms. Skandera is a deliberate arrow in the morale of teachers across this state and country. Shame on her.

http://studentsmatter.org/…/Amici-Brief-filed-9.15.15.pdf . Here is the brief on which Hanna Skandera is a co-submitter in her official role as NM PED secretary of education.

The PARCC test and its impact on students, families, educators and futures

As I continue to write my new book on education, I am researching the latest developments with standardized testing and how the Common Core State Standards, the PARCC test and the Smarter Balance test have driven an economic frenzy among educational publishing companies and investors who now believe that education is a prime field for investment. The PARCC consortium, made up of only 11 states and the District of Columbia has just finished meeting in Colorado about “cut scores.” I am focused on looking at the impact of the release of cut scores and the targeted publications and programs that will use those scores as a platform for new industry. http://parcconline.org/news-and-updates/325-setting-cut-scores

Break on through to the other side!

It’s time to let my renaissance, entrepreneurial spirit soar! Here I come, World! I want to leave you better than I found you, and I want all the people with whom I interact to know how unique, precious and valuable they are!

The Third Way

In politics, in life, in relationships, the third way, discussed widely in the writings of the late Stephen Covey, is an essential commitment. Not my way (or the highway), not your way, but a new way forged from discussion and dialog — a way that was never envisioned until we truly listened to one another with authenticity, love, honesty, an heart.

I’m back! Be sure to vote!

Now that I am writing a murder mystery, I had better practice my writing more frequently. On the eve of the presidential election, I encourage all registered voters to follow their conscience and vote for the individuals that they believe will truly embrace and honor the diversity of positions and will be committed to collaborating and communicating to find real solutions. Vacuous political comments benefit no one, and politicians who think people owe them a career have no place in my reality. Be sure to vote!



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