About “The Far West” and writer Joy Irvine Garratt

Picture in front of wall Joy

A native of Los Angeles who has lived all over the world, Joy Irvine Garratt seeks to provoke people to think beyond the surface of the news and of their lives. As a teacher, she wants to evoke the original creativity and unique abilities of her students.  As a commentator on current events and culture, she seeks to evoke original thinking in her readers. Too often people pigeon-hole others based on a specific opinion or belief they may have. She believes that each individual reflects a myriad of beliefs and opinions and that in the process of listening to one another with sincerity and humility, we can build harmony and understanding, even if we do not agree on all things. In order to walk her talk, Joy ran for State Senate, District 23, in Northwest Albuquerque last November (2016), losing by just 3.5 percentage points. She plans to run again.


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