another celebrity couple breaks up

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo just broke up . . . again. The celebrity blogs are going crazy as they analyze this most recent split between two well-known figures.  Ms. Simpson talks about being caught up in her new reality show even as Mr. Romo prepares for the beginning of the new football season.
But underlying their relationship, or lack of relationship I should say, is no commitment. A relationship cannot be sustained without a commitment that transcends or underlies physical attraction, sexual attraction, or “cute personality” attraction. Relationships need far more fundamental building blocks to outlast separations, disagreements, etc. They need an underlying spiritual commitment, a willingness to pray together, to seek together, and to deeply talk together . . .  a relationship is like an ice berg, most of it lies outside of the public eye.
Celebrities and many other ordinary people seem to jump into bed all to often, discarding any concern for the permanence marriage requires and any concern for life beyond tomorrow.
It’s time to reflect as a culture on the importance of marital commitment before sex, before short turn tie-ups, and to consider what a true relationship is all about. For the saying is true: love is not a noun, it’s a verb, and it’s a choice that must be re-committed to on a daily basis.